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Don Grimme Speaker Information   

Speaker Name
Don Grimme
Topic Areas
Employee Relations, Human Resources , Gender, Team Building, Management
Fee Range
$3,000 - $5,000
United States
Tamarac, Florida  

    • Don Grimme [pronounced grimm–me] is the president of a nationwide “workplace people solutions” training firm … author of the groundbreaking new book on managing people in today’s workplace, The New Manager’s Tool Kit, published by AMACOM … and a leading expert on such topics as employee retention, workplace violence, diversity, harassment, burnout, and interpersonal effectiveness. His topic-specific websites and articles are among the most frequently-quoted resources on the subjects.

      Don has trained organizations in every sector of the economy – ranging from Novartis, AOL and Nestle-Purina to Phelps Dunbar LLP and the CVPH Medical Center … and from the District of Columbia and Las Vegas to the Veterans Administration, USDA, Department of Homeland Security and NASA.

      His keynote presentations at major conferences include SHRM, MPI, the American Society for Industrial Security, Association of Health-System Pharmacists, and Employers' Association of Trinidad/Tobago … among many others.

      Don’s electronic newsletter, The Grimme Report is read by over 20,000 executives in industry and government … and often reprinted. His articles and interviews have appeared on the front page of the Wall Street Journal (thrice) and in numerous other publications (e.g., HR Magazine, Workforce and Reuters) … on ABC News … and on radio programs like the nationally syndicated Jim Bohanan Show.

      Don’s televised interview for the SweepsFeed news service has been aired on dozens of TV stations across the U.S. … and his nationwide study on the “Impact of 9/11 on the American Workplace” was used to produce a Today Show segment.

      Prior to founding his training firm in 1998, Don Grimme was a Corporate Human Resource Manager and Director. He brings to bear over two decades of HR, management and training expertise – acquired at both Fortune 50 and Inc 500 corporations (including Motorola and Marsh & McLennan/Mercer). He holds a Bachelor's degree in Speech & Drama, with graduate studies in Human Resource Management at Cornell and The New School.

      Don was born and raised in New Jersey. After college and military service in Vietnam (during which he was awarded the Bronze Star), he began his career in New York City – where he met his wife of 31 years. They’ve lived in South Florida for the past 29 years – traveling throughout the country to deliver their training and speaking services.

Program Outlines
    • A dynamic speaker/facilitator interweaves eye-opening presentation, interactive activities and lively discussion, powerful visual aids and an information-packed handout or participant manual‚ to deliver a true learning experience and breakthrough results. Extensive attention is paid to applying the subject matter content to the participants' own work environment and most pressing concerns.

      Each of the following “Tools” (from his groundbreaking new book on managing people in today’s workplace, The New Managers Tool Kit, is available in a variety of customized combinations as a keynote presentation, concurrent session or half/full/multiple-day workshop:

      Tool #1: Turn On Talent … and Turn Off Turnover

      Unlocks employee retention with an exploration of motivation. Examines the current challenge of retention, reviews some classic motivation theory, introduces Grimme’s 3-Factor Theory, presents hard data from recent landmark studies that support the theories, reveals the secret and his Top Ten Tips to turn on talent and turn off turnover, and launches participants on an application to apply all of this to their staffs.

      Tool #2: Unleash Their Productivity

      Releases employee productivity by exposing a phenomenon that is impairing it – increased job demands. Examines that phenomenon, including highlights from recent studies, shares the secret for dealing with it, provides tips to ameliorate the negative impact of job demands, and includes activities for application to participants’ workplaces.

      Different Strokes:

      Tool #4: Embrace Diversity
      Unlocks workplace diversity: what it really means, its myriad manifestations in two dimensions, the changing workforce, differing perceptions, preconceptions, stereotypes, and how to embrace diversity in participants’ workplaces. Many individual, paired and group activities are included.

      Tool #5: Get a Grip on Generations
      Opens up differences among generations, specifically the four generations currently in today’s workplace – Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millenials. Examine the events and experiences that shaped each generation’s world view and values, potential conflicts between generations, and the most effective ways to communicate with each.

      Tool #6: Focus On Ability
      Concentrates on people with disabilities and reveals how to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Explain the rationale and essence of the Act, comments on appropriate language, introduces four core concepts, defines and explains key terms and provisions, and outlines participants’ responsibilities as leaders.

      Leader Effectiveness:

      Tool #7: Tell Them What Worked … and What Didn’t

      Participants learn how and why to give feedback – both positive and constructive. Explains what feedback is (and isn’t), teaches when and how to deliver each type of feedback and how to combine the two types, and provides opportunities to begin applying this skill with their own employees.

      Tool #8: Ask Them … Then Listen

      Unlocks the other side of the two-way communication coin – inquiry to solicit employees’ ideas and opinions, and active listening to ensure that you hear them and that they feel heard. Discusses why inquiry and active listening are so important (but are underutilized), gives participants an opportunity to assess their current effectiveness, teaches how to inquire and listen, and launch them on activities to practice the skills.

      Optimizing Contributions:

      Tool #9: Diagnose Problems

      Solves how to diagnose performance problems (examining five root causes) – a necessary precursor to any form of intervention, e.g., coaching. Provides opportunity to begin applying this skill with participants’ own employees.

      Tool #10: Coach the Good Ones … and the Not So Good
      How to Prevent Harassment in the Workplace

      Participants learn how to coach marginal employees to improve their performance … and good employees to become even better. Includes the 4 Steps of a Coaching or Mentoring Dialogue, coaching practice scenarios, tips, and an application to their own employees.

      Tool #11: Mentor the Great Ones
      Unlocks how to mentor your already great employees to grow and advance. Includes the 4 Steps of a Coaching or Mentoring Dialogue, tips, Mentoring Prep Sheet and an application to participants’ own employees.

      Tool #12: Turn On Teamwork
      Looks at participants’ employees as a group and reveals how to optimize the performance of that workgroup and, perhaps, transform it into a real or even high-performance team. Examines “why teams don’t work” (but how they can), five types of “teams”, the stages of team development, common problems with teams (and what to do about them) and the high risk/high reward of teams. Teaches two of the essential team processes teams: brainstorming and consensus. Includes many skills practice and team-building activities.

      Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness:

      Tool #13: Blow Away Burnout
      Unravels job burnout – its increasing prevalence, negative consequences, indicators (including a Burnout Inventory), causes, and four arenas of attack to blow it away. Included is an application to help participants minimize burnout

      Tool #14: Stay on Top of Stress
      Addresses the broader issue of stress and how to stay on top of it. Participants discover what stress really is, the thinking processes at its root, and personality traits that encourage a stress response.

      Tool #15: Accentuate the Positive
      Participants learn about the importance of attitude (and how to improve it). Presents three types of people exhibiting three different attitudes, describes what such attitudes look and sound like, demonstrates the importance of a positive attitude, and teaches how to transform their attitude using self-talk and six other tips. Included are several activities to apply all this to their own life.

      Tool #16: Assert Yourself … and Deal With ‘Difficult’ People
      Unlocks assertion. Starting with a self-assessment, participants learn what assertion really is (contrasted with aggression and submission), why it is a virtue, and how to become more assertive. Also included are a workplace scenario, various applications, and a 10-point guideline for dealing with difficult people.

      Tool #17: Own Your Anger … Don’t Let It Own You
      Unveils the five rules of anger – how to acknowledge it, experience it, process it, express it, and then let it go – effectively and nonviolently. A self-assessment and practice activities are included throughout.

      Tool #18: Rise to the Challenge of Change
      Reveals the various manifestations and potentially devastating impact of change, including how to deal with the fear that change often triggers, and teaches six steps to rise to the challenge.

      Eliminating Conflict:

      Tool #19: Prevent All Forms of Harassment

      Unlocks the legal and interpersonal ramifications of harassment in the workplace – why it still occurs, its various forms, how to avoid and respond to harassment, and how to prevent it. Includes an introductory quiz, the shape of harassment, two secrets, its broad scope, myriad examples, simple guidelines, the two-prong role of line managers, three practice scenarios, and 10 Tips to Protect Against Harassment Charges.

      Tool #20: Prevent Workplace Violence

      Participants learn about workplace violence: two prevailing myths, its true nature and scope, and how to prevent violence from scarring their workplace – using a behavioral profile of potential perpetrators and by identifying warning signs and triggering events. Includes an introductory quiz, the iceberg of workplace violence, Grimme’s POSTAL formula, several case studies and notorious examples, and how to apply each element of POSTAL. Longer sessions also include detailed 10 Steps to Manage Workplace Violence and how to conduct a risk assessment.

      Tool #21: Defuse and Protect

      Also contends with workplace violence, but here the focus is on how to handle actual violent incidents. Participants learn how to defuse a potentially violent person and how to protect themselves and others when threatened with physical violence. Includes Grimme’s DOGS formula, step-by-step guidelines, practice activities, “What Would You Do If” scenarios, and self-protection tips.

      The Next Generation:

      Prepare for the Impending Leadership Crisis

      Reveals the nature of the impending leadership crisis and the secret to surmounting it. Includes the nine essential traits of leaders, four methods for spotting the traits, the “Harry Truman Factor”, and application activities.

Client Testimonials
    • "Thank you for your presentation and e nergy on Building High Performance Teams. The program proved to be most successful, attracting the most planner and supplier members of any other meeting this year! …We look forward to working with you again soon."
      Dahlton Bennington, CMP

      “Trainers are the toughest audiences and your evaluation scores and comments were outstanding.”
      Carol-Susan DeVaney
      VP Programs, American Society of Training and Development

      “I continue to appreciate the excellent presentations you provided on workplace violence [and harassment prevention] for the National Forests …Thank you for the great job you did.” Marsha Kearney
      Forest Supervisor, U.S.D.A. Forest Service

      “Don Grimme is creative, vibrant and personable. Extremely knowledgeable and versed on sensitive issues. Compassionate with others' sensitivities.”
      Dianne Streat
      HR Director, Alliance to Save Energy

      "Our managers and supervisors walked in to your workshop expecting a waste of time. After hearing your suggestions and techniques, they walked out talking about a valuable experience."
      Phil Rosenquist
      Assistant County Manager, Clark County (Las Vegas), NV

      "Thank you for your outstanding workshop on coping with...stress, anger and violence. The positive atmosphere ... relaxed approach and interaction ... contributed immensely to the learning process."
      David Gorwitz, SPHR
      Human Resources Analyst, County of York, VA

      Professional Development, Meeting Professionals International "You consistently exhibit the core skills of empathy, listening, feedback and self-esteem... and are a role model for Motorola's Constant Respect for People. You have such real, sincere, mature skills."
      Carol Rosener,
      Master Trainer, Motorola

      "I continue to appreciate the excellent presentations you provided on workplace violence [and harassment prevention] for the National Forests ... Thank you for the great job you did."
      Marsha Kearney,
      Forest Supervisor, U.S.D.A. Forest Service

      "Your skills as Trainers are outstanding. You are enthusiastic, energetic and bring a sense of humor to your presentation that facilitates learning."
      Marcia Miller,
      Program Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

      "Your ideas were well developed and fostered some very productive discussions about how all the attendees could initiate real and meaningful change in their organizations. Attendees rated your presentations 4.9 on a scale of 1-5 ... the most innovative of all issues covered."
      Paul Gosselin,
      Conference Director, Institute for International Research

      "Trainers are the toughest audiences and your evaluation scores and comments were outstanding."
      Carol-Susan DeVaney,
      VP Programs, American Society of Training and Development

      "Response from our members has been outstanding. Your approach to providing both immediate and long-term results from your session will benefit all who attended ... You certainly proved that good things really do come in pairs!"
      Thomas Paradis,
      JD, Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce

      "Excellent dynamic speakers ... Funny and inspirational ... Very articulate and expressive ... Dynamic and energetic ... Extremely professional!"
      Dr. Linsey Craig Willis, D.P.A.,
      Nova Southeastern University

      "Although Sheryl could speak eloquently on any topic like stress management in the 90's, she really showed her stuff in creating, developing and facilitating our monthly 'Focus On Women' discussion series which is in it's 3rd smash year."
      Andy Bass,
      Community Relations Coordinator, Borders Books & Music

      "As a marketing expert, I've worked with a lot of speakers and trainers over the years. I have rarely seen the integrity, commitment and dedication displayed by Sheryl and Don. Furthermore, their synergy, love and respect for each other on and off the platform is enviable. Their preparation for each presentation is exhaustive. They take the time to get to know each client's needs and unique challenges.... I recommend the Grimmes to any organization in search of serious results."
      Brian Norris,
      President, Norris Communications

      Partial Client List:

      • Meeting Professionals International
      • Meeting Professionals International
      • International Public Management Association for Human Resources
      • College and University Professional Association for Human Resources
      • American Society of Training & Development
      • Auntie Anne's, Inc. (national convention)
      • Association of Health-System Pharmacists (national convention)
      • D.C. Court Services & Offender Supervision Agency
      • Employers' Association of Trinidad/Tobago (annual conference)
      • International Association of Fairs & Expositions (national convention)
      • International Council of Shopping Centers
      • Institute for International Research (national conference)
      • Ingersoll-Rand
      • Mental Health Association (regional conference)
      • Meeting Professionals International
      • Mental Health Association
      • Motorola - Corporate, Paging, Radio, and Energy Products Groups
      • NASA - Kennedy Space Center
      • American Chemical Society
      • National Association of Female Executives
      • National Employee Social & Recreation Association
      • National Employee Social & Recreation Association
      • AOL
      • Novartis
      • Pfizer
      • Phelps Dunbar LLP (annual conferences)
      • CVPH Medical Center
      • Groppetti Automotive
      • Broward Community College
      • Nova Southeastern University
      • U.S. Department of Agriculture-Forest Service
      • U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service
      • Clark County (Las Vegas), Neveda
      • City of Oakland Park, Florida
      • Village of Royal Palm Beach, Florida
      • County of York, Virginia
      • City of Alexandria, Virginia
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